Thursday, March 3, 2011

NVK DayDoll, collection of fashion lingerie in slow mode

It's called slow fashion and fashion is the antithesis to that is opposed to fast fashion, or fashion an end in itself, treating only the summer and want to look at all costs. But if you slow fashion is not necessarily synonymous with comfort waiver of the design and the desire to dress women. And 'from this concept that is playing Natasha Van Kleef Calandrino NVK Daydoll that the project wanted to create his first collection intimate than a philosophy of ecology and eco friendly production.

NVK DayDoll provides a return to simplicity without sacrificing elegance and seduction, offering basic items and at the same time elegant and refined, that brings out the forms, and allow themselves to wear with a simple gesture. A minimal chic not only in form: the leaders do not provide hooks or closures, but only a comfortable blend of soft tissue is completely recyclable, to follow the lines of the figure without forcing them into unnatural shapes or too tight.

The collection consists of 6 pieces: bra top and dress robes, which become totally wear a tailored suit, briefs and shorts. Imporetante thing to emphasize is the fabric used for the construction of the garments. This is the Modal, a fiber derived from cellulose is completely natural and made from Italian yarns EEC certified with preferential origin.

At the touch mode is similar to a lot of soft cotton stretch, but beware: do not contain elastic fibers and like magic the seams leave no mark.

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