Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Band of Outsiders, Boy and Girl collections, T-shirts and novelties 2011

Follow the fashion in an original way is often synonymous with original, unique, young and old features that make the authentic outsider. In this regard, there is a fashion brand that carries this particular name: the fascinating if you think not? There are many news that carries this season, from BOY by Band of Outsiders, GIRL by Band of Outsiders and This is not at all Polo Shirt designed by Scott Sternberg.

Are produced and distributed by the Veneto SpA Pier ... but there's more, after the jump and there is also a gallery! Born in January 2004 in Los Angeles by Scott Sternberg, creative director, designer and CEO of the winner of two awards of the Council of Fashion Designers of America relating to men's fashion, 2008 as the best emerging designer (CFDA Emerging Menswear Designer of the Year) and in 2009 as the best designer (CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year).

Today, its brand - its name wants to rebuild exactly the mood of "subversive band of fashion" - looks like a large container, a repository of ideas and projects continues to grow, all powered by a strong sense of personal nostalgia for the classics Americans. If in fact the men's collection Band of Outsiderspunta to interpret and imagine modern classic sports a wardrobe, and since 2007 with the birth of the women's line, "Boy by Band of Outsiders" is inspired and closer to the male line.

This year, then rise to the line "Girl" by Band of Outsiders, "a decidedly more feminine collection next to the new (and already mentioned just above) labeled" This is not a Polo Shirt. " In the latter case it is a line of polo shirts, vintage taste but strongly revisited, who identify themselves to the great use of color in the form of the line.

How was this story? That has not heard of until now might be possible, but if you have to present those campaigns with Polaroid photos of great personalities and stars like Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Williams, Jason Schwartzman and Andrew Garfield? Well, they're Band of Outsiders.

But do not think we're just talking about fashion in stele and Stripes. The collections of the label are in fact entirely produced in Italy, from Veneto Pier Spa, which also takes care of distribution, and are now sold in over 225 stores around the world. The last in order of time were to be developed? Here they are in our parade of images!

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